Francuski paviljon

Zagreb, Croatia
16 May – 10 June 2018


aMORE is the first festival in Croatia entirely dedicated to the sea, an event intertwining art, culture and science.
The goal is to draw the attention to the environmental, social, economic and cultural significance of marine ecosystems as well as to the causes of their degradation, all with the aim of their preservation.

aMORE aims to contribute towards  raising the level of public awareness and the improvement of relation towards the sea, one developed and cultivated by local community, visitors and tourists alike.

The second and expanded edition of aMORE festival takes place in Poreč and Zagreb from 16 May to 3 August 2018. aMORE CINEMA, aMORE ART AND aMORE EDU will guide you into the sea depths, to research the unknown and hidden, to talk about sea, to think and act.

In 2018, aMORE became a part of wider Adriatic Plastic Challenge initiative which is  founded by Terra HUB from Zagreb and which aims to present a range of interesting events in collaboration with many partners. The initiative endeavours to gather crucial protagonists and partners such as public, media, governmental and civil sector, the business sectors of production, commerce and distribution, experts, researchers and innovators into a unique collaborative platform whose goal is to joint forces towards discovering the sustainable and innovative solutions that will stop the further influx of plastic waste into Adriatic Sea.

The proverbial Croatian saying claims that by dipping a single finger in the sea one connects with the entire world. In the same manner, aMORE continues to link many collaborators, partners and other interested parties and protagonists who tackle the issues connected to sea,  all with the common goal of preserving this priceless resource.