Museum Vandalorum – Center for Art and Design

värnamo, Sweden
5 October 2013 – 26 January 2014



VANDALORUM is a museum of international contemporary art and design, initiated by artists and inaugurated in April of 2011. The museum is built from an original concept by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, with inspiration from local building traditions and materials. In three large halls, Vandalorum presents around 15 exhibitions a year. In addition to the exhibition program, Vandalorum also runs a large educational program, a conference program, a restaurant and a design shop. The environmental work of Vandalorum permeates all departments of the museum.

There are many reasons why The Plastic Garbage Project is an exhibition of high relevance for Vandalorum.

The project investigates one of the largest environmental issues of our time from the perspective of design, innovation and art.

This gives it a cross-disciplinary force that enables a new understanding of the problem and offers motivating solutions.

Situated in Småland, an area known for its entrepreneurs and manufacturers, Vandalorum is permeated by an enthusiasm and willingness to approach the new and the unknown. Working closely with the Linnaeus University in Växjö/Kalmar and Jönköping University, Vandalorum runs a new interdisciplinary research and educational program at university level in the field of “Creativity in Practice: Making and Mediating”. The goal is to become a dynamic center for research and learning that links art, design, technology, entrepreneurship and communication. Within this process, The Plastic Garbage Project is a highly valuable exhibition. During the exhibition, workshops will be held for students at the collaborating universities.

Since Vandalorum is an area of numerous leading Scandinavian plastic producers, it is of high relevance from a national perspective that the exhibition takes place here, close to the factories and those who have the possibility to move the development forward.