Palais Kheireddine

31 August – 14 October 2018


There are urgent reasons to travel with the exhibition to Tunis:

If we do not act now, within 30 years one will find more plastics in the global oceans than fish. Many inhabitants of the Tunisian capital take advantage of the sea side close to the centre – catching, eating fish as well as for recreation - without realising that day after day their individual and communal waste management endangers their benefits of the natural resource – the sea.

Plastic-polluted beaches in Tunisia symbolize the urgency to act – as citizens, as municipality and as tourists.

It will be worth the effort for the cleanness of the city of Tunis as well as for the future of the Mediterranean Sea

"La mer … destination finale ? Un projet sur les déchets en plastique" will be presented in the Palais Kheireddine in the Medina of Tunis as a milestone of the municipality’s campaign to raise awareness among the citizens and the employees in the administration. The program accompanying the exhibition will involve young people and civil society actors who are very important for a change towards sustainable waste management.

One of the next destinations of the exhibition will be Cologne, the twin city of Tunis.