Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art, Applied Art, Design and Architecture

kolding, denmark
25 September 2013 – 16 February 2014



With its exhibition "Out to Sea?" Trapholt focuses on plastics in the environment and in our daily lives.
The exhibition thematises:

  • Our present environmental challenges from plastic in our seas and micro plastics in our food chain.
  • Plastic in everyday products and designs.
  • The need for new design strategies for processing and handling plastics, the environment, everyday products and designs.

The exhibition features an installation of 12 tons of deteriorating marine litter hauled out of the sea off the shores of Hawaii. But the problem is not confined to the Pacific. Denmark, too, has a problem. There is not a fish in the seas around Denmark which has not been impacted by plastics. And Danish beaches are awash with plastic litter.
The first part of the exhibition welcomes visitors with plastic elements and videos and photos documenting the numerous scientific facts on plastic pollution, the theme of the exhibition.
The second part of the exhibition focuses on plastics as a design material. Here you will be presented with plastics in our well?known design icons as well as in our daily utensils. The focus here is on our use of plastic as consumers.

Finally the exhibition thematises some of the design challenges we face - and some solutions. Zero waste, cradle2cradle principles and up-cycling are introduced as some of the solutions going forward.