Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre

Cairo, Egypt
19 September – 22 November 2014

Alexandria, Egypt
22 April – 26 May 2015



For the Arab exhibitions, all marine debris was collected with cleanups locally. A special attention was given to the education program.


Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center is keen to host the exhibition «Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project» as it fits well with the mission of the organization in promoting social change, sensitizing people and expanding their horizons through the inspiration and education of artists and the broader community.

Egypt suffers greatly from pollution and garbage and since the country has two major seas located on its boundaries (the Red Sea and the Mediterranean), the issue of plastic garbage in the sea in particular is of highest relevance.

Marine life is suffering from garbage resulting from mass tourism on the coast and garbage accumulating from sea currents and flash floods. Even inland, the River Nile is suffocated by garbage due to increased consumerism, Nile Cruises and lack of state action regarding proper garbage disposal. Environmental awareness is generally lacking in Egypt and the exhibition is an effective tool to cultivate such awareness.
Darb 1718’s vision is to create a strong public awareness campaign through the traveling exhibition and its associated activities that will sensitize children and adults to their own usage of plastics and the effects this material has on the environment and, in turn, on themselves. The goal is to inform, motivate, and promote behavioural change through educational, artistic and fun community activities.