Talking about Plastic Garbage
Conference 2015


The two-day conference Talking about Plastic Garbage has drawn from the wealth of experience gained during the international tour of the travelling exhibition. Resulting from deeper insight into the educational practice at the various locations it raises questions about educational strategies and approaches with the goal of learning from experience. 

On the first day of the international conference, experts and project partners discussed the following questions: what is the best way to explain complex contents related to the themes of plastic and the environment? How can people be appealed to and motivated? In which ways are the contents of the exhibition tied to the respective cultural, political and institutional situations and conditions? What is the potential as regards educational work in the learning and negotiation space "Exhibition" and where do the limits lie?

The evening event provided information about the current levels of plastic pollution in Mediterranean regions and offered insights into research practice. On the second day of the conference various workshops expanded the areas for thought and action in this thematic field.


Program committee
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Roman Aebersold, Franziska Mühlbacher, Angeli Sachs, Amanda Unger
Drosos Foundation: Tobias Lengsfeld, Chantal Perrothon