beirut, lebanon
27 November 2014 – 28 February 2015



For the Arab exhibitions, all marine debris was collected with cleanups locally. A special attention was given to the education program.


As a global non-political league of independent environmental, social and cultural activists with the aim to achieve an active, healthy, safe, equitable and beautiful planet, IndyAct has adopted the exhibition «Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project» of utmost relevance responding to the organization goals and objectives. The project tackles an emerging and relevant problem from an innovative perspective, which will allow a better understanding of the plastic issue, addressing a large audience while offering motivating and stimulating solutions.
Being an essential founder of the Zero Waste Coalition, Indyact will eventually raise awareness on the plastic waste in the region in a genuine perspective using improvised learning tools and techniques triggering the interest of the general public and engaging the professional in a long dialogue, while inducing change in our society’s perceptions and habits.

The exhibition is to become a learning center where a positive ambiance will generate a positive learning environment though innovated learning techniques being improvised for the visitors of all ages.

With multidisciplinary workshops including arts, design and communication, the exhibition presents a unique learning model engaging the beneficiaries in a lifetime sympathetic learning opportunity.

Regional Relevance
The project presents relevance to Lebanon amid solid waste management crises. It targets a population, still not aware of the existing waste management solutions, and not sensitive to the dramatic effect their reckless lifestyle has on the environment. Lebanon generates about 1.57 Million tons of waste per year, with 14% of this waste being comprised of plastic, which is around 219 800 tons per year. Most of this plastic is being either thrown in open dumps by the sea or land filled. The exhibition will allow spreading certain awareness among Lebanese citizens, to use plastic more responsibly and wisely, in a country desperately in need of less pressure on its environment.

Vision, Goals, and Role in the Society
By targeting the school students and the Lebanese public through the organization of the exhibition, tracing the history and the story of plastics from their disposal to the corrective measures and practices we will be able to:

• Create public awareness about the waste issue in general and more specifically the plastics in our surrounding environment.
• Generate knowledge and sustainable practices for young people and give them momentum and drive to use plastic in a more responsible way.
• Change human behavior and encourage taking actions.
• Promote reducing, reusing and recycling practices.
The genuine and proactive exhibition will eventually engage every visitor or interested public in a positive behavioral change, impacting his surroundings, where many Lebanese are unaware of, specifically in a country with a widespread sense of «laissez-faire».