For Schools

Vigo, Spain

Workshops for preschoolers, pupils of primary and secondary education, A’ Levels and vocational training courses.

Monday to Friday:
1st workshop: 10.00–11.30
2nd workshop: 12.00–13.30
3rd workshop: 16.00–17.30
4th workshop: 18.00–19.30

Groups: 25 maximum per group / a second group may be created if necessary 
 90 minutes (60 minutes for primary education groups)
Advance Booking only by telephone: 986 110 220 from Tuesday to Friday from 12.00–14.00 and from 18.00–21.00

Other Groups: Activities will be adapted according to the particularities of each group. The resource material will be the same as that used in the workshops for preschoolers, primary education pupils and families.