Ljubljana, Slovenia

The educational program will comprise guided tours of the exhibition, Sunday creative workshops for children, debates, presentations and other events. For current and detailed information, and dates for individual events, visit

Sundays at MAO
Every second Sunday of the month, MAO holds guided tours through current exhibitions, as well as MINI MAO creative workshops for children and families. Sundays at MAO are designed to offer a better insight into exhibitions and themes they present.
Dates for accompanying Sunday events in MAO:
11 December 2016
8 January 2017

Guided tours in the exhibition
On guided tours, exhibition curators and invited professionals take visitors through the themes presented at each individual exhibition. 
Visit the exhibition under the guidance of a diversified range of experts who will present the various aspects and contexts of the exhibition. Guided tours through the exhibition will be conducted by various experts: Uroš Robič (author of the film Plastik Fantastik) from Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, Andreja Ramšak (National Institute of Biology - Marine Biology Station Piran), members of Morigenos Association and others.

Sunday at MAO: MINIMAO creative workshops for children and families
Sunday creative workshops are aimed at our young visitors. They are a place of fun, play, creativity, learning and socialising, where children aged 5 to 15 learn about architecture, design and photography. Through conversation and using fun learning tools, worksheets or computer projections children explore the topics of exhibitions and then use what they’ve learned, and a great deal of imagination, to create their own items.
Admission 2€

The workshops will focus on identifying what are the properties of plastics and why has it displaced other materials in design, environmental protection, we will integrate poetry and eco-waste bins, discover the waterways around the castle, create collages and recycle objects.

Live architecture
Guided tours of architectural objects and urban structures of current interest are organized once a month. Individual buildings and structures are presented by architects, landscape architects, designers, urban planners and other experts who participated in their planning and construction. 
Admission: 3€ 

MAO Symposium
A symposium taking place on 13 March 2017 will discusse topic of ecology and restoration of plastic objects. Among the speakers will be Thea Van Oosten, a specialist with regard to restoration of plastic, Andrew Ramšak with the National Institute of Biology, Uroš Robič, author of the film Plastik Fantastik, from the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, representatives of the company AquafilSLO and others.

Guided tours in the exhibition and thematic workshops for educational institutions
We offer guided tours through the exhibition for schoolchildren, pupils, students and other organised groups. During the tour, the themes presented at the exhibition will be enriched with explanation, observation and discussion.