Guided Tours

Gothenburg, Sweden

15 min Plastic Exhibition
Wednesdays, 6.15 pm
A brief introduction to the OUT TO SEA? The Plastic Garbage
Project exhibition. You are then welcome to attend the evening lecture
that follows directly after.

Plastic Tour
Saturdays, 1 pm (not 5 April)
Everyday plastic becomes plastic in the sea. What happens to all
the  plastic products when they are no longer useful ? How are animals,
the environment and people affected? Join us for a guided tour
of the exhibition OUT TO SEA? and examine the material that took the
20 century by storm.

Family Showing

Life with, of or without Plastic?
Sunday, 13 and 27 April, 12 am
What actually is plastic? What kinds of plastic do we  use
every day? What can we manage to do without? We ask questions
and arouse awareness in both big and small in a child-friendly
showing of OUT TO SEA?