Plastic Workshop

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lesson: Plastic Workshop
Can an old toothbrush become a seahorse?

Plastic can be used for almost anything, but it has a huge impact on our environment, for example, on our seas where an enormous amount of plastic rubbish is dumped. We can’t afford to throw away the plastic! The biggest myth about plastic is that it is a disposable product. What does recycling actually mean? What kinds of recyling are there? We are inspired by and visit the Maritime Museum Aquarium’s big new temporary exhibition OUT TO SEA? to thereafter reuse material and objects for our own creations.

Target group: school years 1, 2, 3
Duration time: 75 minutes
Connections to LGR11 are amongst others: art, craft and technology (read more on our website)

To book Lesson:
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Alternatively via telephone: 031-368 35 55 mobile: 0722-11 12 60 Telephone times Mon 9 am-11am, Tues and Wed 1pm-3pm. Email: bokningar.sjofartsmuseum(at)

Cost: The lesson is free for schools within Gothenburg Municipality. For schools/groups from other municipalities, the fee is 350 Sek a lesson.